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Ibellab's Essence

Ibellab's Essence - BDO

Weight: 0.1 LT

- Description:
An essence taken from the Ibellab Oasis that works as an excellent catalyst for alchemical reactions. It is a major sources of profit for Old Moon Merchants, and is sold in many locations. It can be purchased from a Material Vendor and can be used with Simple Alchemy. - Usage: Elixirs, Mass Process Draught - Crafting Method: Processing ({KeyBind:Manufacture}) - Simple Alchemy - Crafting Materials: Elixirs, Draught Crafting Materials x10 Ibellab's Essence x1 - How to Obtain: Purchase from Material Vendor - Requires at least Alchemy Skilled 1.
- Buy Price: 10,000
- Sell Price: 2,000