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  • Marsh's Artifact - Melee AP

Marsh's Artifact - Melee AP

BDO Marsh's Artifact - Melee AP

Weight: 1 LT

- Description:
An artifact imbued with the power of Marsh, the Witch of Swamps, born from Labreska's first death. It's been designed to hold a powerful item within. ‘Marsh, the Witch of Swamps, is the fifth gift granted by the owner of the Golden Mountain. She binds the ankles of dragons.‘ - Crafting Method: Processing({KeyBind:Manufacture}) - Simple Alchemy - Usage #1: Infuse into gear or craft Purified Lightstone x2-3 - Crafting Materials: Artifact x1 Ancient Power - Red Shard x1 Ancient Seal - Black Shard x1 - Usage #2: Infuse into gear or craft Purified Lightstone x1-2 - Crafting Materials: Artifact x1 ※ You can find information regarding the combat types of each class by going to Combat Type on the bottom of the Basic tab under My Information (P) - How to Obtain: Defeat monsters in certain zones
Item Effect
Melee AP +4