Training of Wilderness #2

BDO Training of Wilderness #2
- Description:
3 years had passed. My days were spent studying the birds and brutes of Calpheon and trying to imitate their motions and behaviors. This is when I felt enlightened by an unknown force. I wanted to embrace the newly-found energy, resembling that of the elementary nature. 6 years had passed. Everything had changed if not in the stage of transition. My breathing had changed completely and I was letting energy of nature flow naturally within my entire body. The concept sounded simple. Putting into action was a complete different story. 9 years had passed. The result was indeed, beyond expectations. My hair speckled with white had regained the golden hue and fresh teeth grew out. The energy of nature saw no limits. My movements flowing ever so naturally was pure martial art. I had reached a whole new realm.
Can be obtained through [Quest] Striker Awakening Weapon Quest
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