NPCs /Friendly /Tabudai


Tabudai - BDO
  • Level: 99
  • <Winter Tree Researcher>
  • HP: 10,000
  • Damage Reduction: 2
  • Evasion: 38
  • Accuracy: 15
AP Caps:
  • AP: 300 Applied: 3%
  • AP: 300 Applied: 3%
- Description:
Tabudai studies blackened Winter Trees with Tergen at the Snowstorm Guard Post. His keen observation skills were what led him to become the first to look into a possible connection between the violent outbursts of the Okjinsini and the blackened Winter Trees. Recently, he left his research laboratory to Tergen and joined other Okjinsini researchers in Eilton's grand conference hall to share, discuss, and analyze their findings on the Okjinsini.
Gives Knowledge on Interaction: