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10% Discount Coupon - BDO

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Pearl Shop 10% discount coupon ※ Coupon Disclaimers 1. This coupon can be used in All Categories. 2. This coupon must be registered (Press {KeyBind:Attack2} to use.) within 3 days of receipt. 3. You can see your registered coupons in the Coupon book in the Pearl Shop ({KeyBind:CashShop}). 4. Coupons registered in the Coupon book must be used within 7 days. 5. Make your selection in the shop. After pressing the BUY button the Coupon book will open; left-click the relevant coupon in order to receive your discount. 6. For items already on sale in the Pearl Shop, the discount from your coupon will be applied to the sale price. 7. You cannot use multiple coupons on a single item. ※ Coupons do not apply to items in the Pearl Box and Loyalties categories. ※ You cannot apply coupons to items in the Cart.