Items /Book of Training - Skill (10 Hours)

Book of Training - Skill (10 Hours)

Book of Training - Skill (10 Hours) - BDO

Weight: 0 LT

- Description:
After using this item, you can use your main weapon or sub-weapon to train with the training scarecrows which can be found in any town. You'll receive Skill EXP for 10 hours when using Black Spirit's Training. You can purchase this item from Jamey Drucker at any town. You can use ‘Book of Training - Combat‘ and ‘Book of Training - Skill‘ at the same time. You can extend the duration of training if you use another Book of Training before training ends. Effects from items that give extra Skill EXP or increased Skill EXP gain will not stack with the effects of this item. You cannot be in a party or platoon during training. You cannot interact with the training scarecrow if you are in a party or platoon. When using this item, if you disconnect or if there is a maintenance you will not get any time extension for the time lost.
- Buy Price: 10,000,000