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Tuvala Ore

Tuvala Ore - BDO

Weight: 0 LT

- Description:
Ore discovered by a mysterious merchant guild on a misty island in the distant sea. It is highly sought after by blacksmiths, and is used to craft Tuvala gear and accessories. ※ How to Obtain: Defeating monsters of Valencia, Kamasylvia, Drieghan, and O'dyllita in the following regions on the season server will net you a decent amount: - Basilisk Den - Taphtar Plain - Pila Ku Jail - Roud Sulfur Mine - Navarn Steppe - Sycraia Underwater Ruins - Manshaum Forest - Forest Ronaros - Mirumok Ruins - Aakman Temple - Hystria Ruins - Kratuga Ancient Ruins - Can be exchanged for Tuvala gear and accessories with blacksmiths in Velia and other major cities. ※ Exchange List - Tuvala Ore x1: Tuvala defense gear or weapon x1 - Tuvala Ore x5: Tuvala accessory x1 ※ Exchange NPCs - Velia: Tranan Underfoe - Heidel: Techthon - Calpheon: Grandus, Kanobas - Altinova: Mevo Muranan - Valencia Territory: Elfa - Grána: Dikzipo - Duvencrune: Hughol - O'dyllita: Limitte - Eilton: Tazral - Moodle Village: Dalhoon - Dalbeol Village: Sarang - Byeot County: Old Man Sangcheol ※ Heat 1 Tuvala weapon or defense gear to get Tuvala Ore x1. ※ Heat 1 Tuvala accessory to get Tuvala Ore x5.
- Buy Price: 500,000
- Sell Price: 10,000