Items /[Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll

[Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll

[Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll - BDO

Weight: 0 LT

Lifespan: 336:00h

- Description:
An item collection increase scroll given only to a select few by the Old Moon Guild. - Usage: Gain the following effects - Effects: Item Drop Rate +50% - Duration: 60 min - Cooldown: 60 min - How to Obtain: Various content ※ Type: Item Collection Increase ※ Effects of same item types cannot be stacked. ※ However, effects from items not marked with a type can be stacked.Will expire within 14 days after being obtained and cannot be used after it expires. ※ Example of Increased Item Drop Rate Effect When Item Drop Rate +20% is added to an item with a drop rate of 1%, an additional 0.2% is added, increasing the overall drop rate to 1.2%.
- Buy Price: 10,000,000
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Nov 19, 2020
Dec 23, 2020