Items /[Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll

[Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll

BDO [Event] Supreme Old Moon Scroll

Weight: 0 LT

Lifespan: 336:00h

- Description:
An item collection increase scroll given only to a select few by the Old Moon Guild. - Usage : Gain the following effects - Effects: Item Drop Rate +50% - Duration: 60 min - Cooldown: 60 min - How to Obtain: Various content ※ Stacks with other Item Collection Increase Scrolls.Does not stack with effects from Advanced Old Moon Scroll, Supreme Old Moon Scroll, Scroll of the Glorious Battlefield, J's Special Scroll, Mermaid's Frozen Will, or Dragon's Blessing.Will expire within 14 days after being obtained and cannot be used after it expires.
- Buy Price: 10,000,000