Items /[Event] Liana's Lost Luggage

[Event] Liana's Lost Luggage

[Event] Liana's Lost Luggage - BDO

Weight: 0.1 LT

- Description:
Luggage misplaced by Liana during her travels with Ludowig in search of new research materials. Take it to Liana in any major city. <1 Quest per Family> - x50: Floramos Accessory - x50: Mystical Cron Stone Bundle - x50: [Event] Nostalgia Classic Box - x20: [Event] Choose Your Artisan Worker Box - x20: [Event] Stella's Spirit Stone - x20: [Event] Box of Black Magic Gems - x20: [Event] Box of Concentrated Magical Black Gems - x5: Cron Stone x1 (Press {KeyBind:Attack2} for detailed location) ※ This is an event item that can be exchanged before Feb 15, 2023 maintenance.
- Buy Price: 200,000
- Sell Price: 200,000
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