Items /[Event] Shakatu's Mystery Box

[Event] Shakatu's Mystery Box

BDO [Event] Shakatu's Mystery Box

Weight: 0.1 LT

- Description:
Treasure chest of the Golden Troupe who travel all over the world to sell precious valuables. Some of Shakatu's rarest treasures are said to be contained inside. Press {KeyBind:Attack2} to obtain one of the following according to a set probability: TET (IV) Tungrad Necklace, TET (IV) Tungrad Belt, TET (IV) Tungrad Ring, TET (IV) Tungrad Earring, TET (IV) Manos Necklace, TET (IV) Manos Belt, TET (IV) Manos Ring, TET (IV) Manos Earring, Advice of Valks (+150), TRI (III) Tungrad Necklace, TRI (III) Tungrad Belt, TRI (III) Tungrad Ring, TRI (III) Tungrad Earring, TRI (III) Manos Necklace, TRI (III) Manos Belt, TRI (III) Manos Ring, TRI (III) Manos Earring, PRI (I) Tungrad Necklace, PRI (I) Tungrad Belt, PRI (I) Tungrad Ring, PRI (I) Tungrad Earring, PRI (I) Manos Necklace, PRI (I) Manos Belt, PRI (I) Manos Ring, PRI (I) Manos Earring, Tungrad Necklace, Tungrad Belt, Tungrad Ring, Tungrad Earring, Manos Necklace, Manos Belt, Manos Ring, Manos Earring, Advice of Valks (+40), Sharp Black Crystal Shard x10, Hard Black Crystal Shard x20, Memory Fragment x25, Ancient Spirit Dust x50-100
- Buy Price: 50,000,000