Truth of the Border

BDO Truth of the Border
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The Ahib at the border of the Old Wisdom Tree threatening Kamasylvia were not the same Ahib the Ganelle knew from long ago. The Ahib classified those Ahib who carelessly consumed the ancient darkness and lost their minds as the Fallen Ones, and as the Ahib expanded their territories, the saner Ahib withdrew from the border. Contrary to what the Ganelle knew, the Sephir's Ahib, who had ties with Commander Opencilla, rescued Orwen from the Fallen Ones. They also knew of the real reason why the Ganelle were invading Salun's Border. The Ganelle wanted to save a Luthraghon who was under the orders of Queen Brolina of Kamasylvia. Known as the Queen's Wolf and the Watcher of the Earth, he could read and understand the Gyfin's tongue and the Earth's symbols. By the queen's decree, the Luthraghon was studying ruins to see if the Ganelle of Kamasylvia could join with the Gyfins by breaking their alliance with the Tooth Fairies, akin to the Ahib and the Salun.
Can be obtained through [Main Quest] O'dyllita
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