White Angel

BDO White Angel
- Description:
There is one figure in O'draxxia whom the humans revere as the White Angel. Based on their memories, the White Angel would daily feed them delicious food, granted them commercial rights, and even told Viorencia Odore that controlling humans via shackles wasn't the answer. Rumor has it that the only reason why the White Angel could talk to the queen like this was because she worked the hardest in trying to treat the fallen Ahibs. However, on the day the Ahib Sephir rose in rebellion, the White Angel disappeared. The Dark Knights hiding away in the Obsidian Ashes speculate the White Angel, the figure who put in the most effort to turn the fallen Ahibs, to be Brolina Ornette, recorded as ‘dawn‘ and once held hostage, from the secret records of the Thornwood Watch. The Thornwood Watch's records claim that Brolina did not escape by herself, but was set free by the Thornwood Watch, yet its validity is uncertain. Whether her life and escape in O'dyllita was voluntary or forced, only Brolina would know the truth.
Can be obtained through [Main Quest] O'dyllita