Unidentified Box

BDO Unidentified Box
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The unidentified boxes excavated from following the markings on the secret map of Bahit La Lecona contain items such as the Skin of the Snake, Dead Mouse, Unidentified Bone, and Broken Shackles. According to the Orzecan records, after Ibedor, Hadum's serpent, passed through O'dyllita, Belshuan was said to have sent snake hunters to the region. They caught up all the snakes, burned them alive and used it all as fertilizer for the recently birthed Quturan. Belshuan's witch, Hexa Moa, raised many mice, so much so that her cauldron was said to have hundreds of mice pour out daily. One of the more notable records on Orzeca's slaves are how slaves who mourned their master's death would choose to accompany their master to the afterlife. Did these slaves really volunteer to be buried alive with their former masters? There are many traces of excavation in the Crypt of Resting Thoughts, which is also filled with a noticeable amount of bones. The Ahibs speculate that these bones are those of former graverobbers.
Can be obtained through [Main Quest] O'dyllita
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