The Tragedy of Catherine

BDO The Tragedy of Catherine
- Description:
Catherine believed young Orwen held the key to restore Kamasylve, and placed her on Yianaros's Field, an altar of Sylvia, and yet, in the end, she was not able to claim Orwen's soul. To repent of her sins, Catherine sought out Yianaros's Field, where she was ambushed by the Ahibs, who, contrary to common knowledge, was actually attacked by the Einels, Queen Amelia Ornette's elite force, disguised as Ahibs. Brolina and Viorencia soon arrived to save Catherine, but by then, she had already lost a lot of blood and was losing consciousness. The two queens carried Catherine and fled O'dyllita, but Catherine would breathe her last before arriving at Thornwood Forest. She spoke her last words at Thornwood Forest when it was inhabited by stoneback crabs and chipmunks, back in the day. That Amelia Ornette would extinguish the Kamasylve's light.
Can be obtained through [Main Quest] O'dyllita
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