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  • Vaha's Records #4: Favored by Dehkia

Vaha's Records #4: Favored by Dehkia

BDO Vaha's Records #4: Favored by Dehkia
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The master began to open up to me as the last stages of the construction of my biome need an end. I was having trouble making the Energy Dispersion Hexahedron work, when he appeared without notice and started to help me. ‘I am only helping you now as the day draws ever to a near when you must leave this place for the outside world.‘ From that day on, he not only answered my queries thoroughly, but also taught me in all the fields he knew I was interested in. Syca was the only other Dehkima who took note of his words. I was proud of Syca for doing so, and I taught him much of what I knew as well. Soon, Syca started to make weapons that were similar to mine. But they seemed incomplete. Syca's weapons were powerful, yet overheated and broke down easily.
Atoraxxion: Urukios and Lucretia
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