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  • Vaha's Records #14: Each Other's Suffering

Vaha's Records #14: Each Other's Suffering

BDO Vaha's Records #14: Each Other's Suffering
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And yet, I was worried. Knowing Syca, he would have normally told Dehkia immediately of Orze's betrayal to get her in trouble. Why did he only inform me? When I asked him this question, Syca grinned slyly and walked away. It was the same dirty look he had adopted ever since his return from the outside world. I hadn't left my biome since the moon had passed over Vahmalkea's Heart. However, after listening to what Syca told me, I had to see the truth for myself. Wandering through Orze's biome, I saw everything Syca had said was true. Statues of the Dark Goddess were erected everywhere. When I turned around, Orze was behind me, tears streaming down her face. When I asked why she was crying, she broke down and told me everything she had kept from me. ‘I endured it all for you.‘
Atoraxxion: Urukios and Lucretia
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