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  • Vaha's Records #15: Orze's Confession

Vaha's Records #15: Orze's Confession

BDO Vaha's Records #15: Orze's Confession
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It was then that I saw the parchment on the table. It seemed to detail the workings of my weapons, yet to my trained eye, it was clear the information had been falsified. Notes in Syca's own hand littered the margins, including one instructing Orze to find out more. ‘She had purposely misfed this information to Syca to prevent my weapon schematics falling into his hands...‘ The moment I realized this, I knew that I couldn't blame Orze, for she was merely being used by Syca. I needed to reassure her of my feelings. ‘It's okay. I understand. You don't have to hide it from me anymore.‘ Hearing these words, Orze looked up. Then, she slowly drew near and embraced me. How dare Syca try to use his friends for his own gain? I knew that Syca had grown twisted, but never to such an extent. I need to keep my distance from him and protect Orze.
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