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  • Vaha's Records #18: Those Who Won't Appear

Vaha's Records #18: Those Who Won't Appear

BDO Vaha's Records #18: Those Who Won't Appear
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On the day of the final battle, I led my legion of weapons, as I had been trained to my entire life. Outside, as the master had foretold, Dark Invaders appeared from the sky. Those caught unprepared for the invasion began to attack one another, influenced by the invaders' dark power. Syca still hasn't returned and the final Gladios has still yet to be held. As such, there were no signs of the 100,000 Ator. The Dark Invaders were relentless, and my numbers were dwindling. Looking around, not one of other Dehkimas' weapons could be found. Where in the world was Syca? What about Yolu? Why didn't Orze send me her weapons? Did she forget our promise to meet on the final day? What about everything she'd told me until now? Do they all really want the world to end? What's going on?!
Atoraxxion: Urukios and Lucretia
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