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  • Vaha's Records #19: Vanished Suspect

Vaha's Records #19: Vanished Suspect

BDO Vaha's Records #19: Vanished Suspect
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Fighting the Dark Invaders alone without the army of Ator was futile. Pushed back, I retreated to Atoraxxion and saw that the Black Stone, the source of our power, had vanished. Moreover, I discovered that Dehkia had lost his memories and was recreating Atoraxxion from scratch, all over again. Orze and Yolu appeared shortly after, with Syca and his legion of weapons. Syca was furious, adamant that I need to listen to him. But could I trust his words? Had he just betrayed the master? Was Syca responsible for the loss of Dehkia's memories and the disappearance of the Black Stone? When I told him of my suspicions, he strongly denied it. Then, he turned and pointed his finger at Orze. ‘Orze is responsible for this! I warned you that she had disobeyed the master's teachings and was worshiping an idol! Why won't you listen to me!‘ Orze stayed silent at Syca's accusations. Yolu also didn't argue. Instinctively, I came to Orze's defense. ‘That's not true! Orze truly needs both the Master and Dehkia!‘ Almost immediately, both Syca and Orze stared at me in suspicion.
Atoraxxion: Urukios and Lucretia
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