Yolu's Records #21: Sun's Rules

BDO Yolu's Records #21: Sun's Rules
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The next day, Vaha made new rules. ‘All Dehkimas must combine their strength when the Dark Invaders are upon us.‘ ‘All Dehkimas must preserve the knowledge they acquire from Atoraxxion, and guard its secrets.‘ ‘All Dehkimas must respect each other's biomes and never enter without permission of their respective overseers.‘ ‘All Dehkimas must refrain from developing personal feelings for any other Dehkima.‘ I couldn't stop laughing. Vaha, I know why you weren't in a good mood this morning. Fine. I've already got Syca wrapped around my finger anyway! Is this not true genius? Do you still not understand, Vaha? Only I am fit to stand beside your blinding sun.
Atoraxxion: Amarillos
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