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  • Yolu's Records #22: Under the Full Moon

Yolu's Records #22: Under the Full Moon

BDO Yolu's Records #22: Under the Full Moon
- Description:
It was on a day when the full moon illuminated the night sky that I decided today was the day. Certainty and hesitancy went back and forth in my mind with every step I took toward Vaha's stronghold. When my resolution started to waver, I reflected on the words inscribed upon Orze's blade. I whispered to Vaha. ‘My love, Vaha. With the Goddess of Darkness' permission, our paradise will be complete.‘ It was the first time that I had seen Vaha's eyes, usually so stoic, flutter in confusion. I gazed straight into those eyes and whispered. ‘You will never have Orze, she has already been embraced by the Goddess.‘
Atoraxxion: Amarillos
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