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  • Yolu's Records #30: Destroyed Tomorrow

Yolu's Records #30: Destroyed Tomorrow

BDO Yolu's Records #30: Destroyed Tomorrow
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It was in that moment. Vaha who had been so righteous in his entire life, swung the sword with extreme rage. It pierced through the very center of Talibre's Door as it made a loud noise and shattered into pieces. ‘If there is no way for us to defeat the Dark Invaders, I'd rather die we die side by side.‘ Was I blinded by my desperation to reach the sun? It was as if everything had been burned away until not even ash remained. No, this wasn't my fault. Vaha is the reason my future ended up like this. And Dehkia who promised me that tomorrow would come. And YOU, who set fire to that hope-filled future. I'm not the incompetent one, you are.
Atoraxxion: Amarillos
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