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  • Yolu's Records #31: Cause of Failure

Yolu's Records #31: Cause of Failure

BDO Yolu's Records #31: Cause of Failure
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Everything had come to an end. Nevertheless, Dehkia who had already lost all of his memory began explaining the mission to me. It was pure nonsense at that point. I just poured out my anger on him. Why? You predicted the Dark Invaders... Why couldn't you predict our future? It's all your fault. You entrusted me with a future that you couldn't even promise... All I was left doing was running around trying to fill that void. You said I was the center of the future! If I had them all in my hands, this wouldn't have happened in the first place! All of this is your fault! Never because I was insufficient!
Atoraxxion: Amarillos
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