Time to Choose

BDO Time to Choose
- Description:
When Vaha dismantled Talibre's Door, we returned to each of our respective strongholds. Within Maha's Veil, it felt like time stood still… not a day went by when I wasn't consumed with the thoughts of less painful ways to end my life. I could recall those days when I was a starving war orphan, the master handing me a warm bowl of porridge. I followed my feet to the vestige of Talibre's Door in Protokea. 'Only if there were some Black Stones, it could be restored... Wait a minute, perhaps lightstones were the answer? If only for a moment....? This is it! I think we can escape...! We can- …We cannot escape...' The people didn't just rob Protokea of its Black Stones. They took everything— the fire, earth, wind, flora, and...heart... my lightstones...they took them all. It was impossible to get all four of us out... I had to make a choice. Either we all die in here together, or I escape alone… - Yolu
Can be obtained through [Atoraxxion: Yolunakea Main Quest]