The Third Laboratory

BDO The Third Laboratory
- Description:
Meet the new family. I've been feeling a little lonely lately, but I found my mark. I had no idea I'd find someone like this in Balenos! Red Nose, the only on remaining after everyone else has left, appeared pitiful. So, I decided to make him a family. He must have been extremely lonely because, he came running towards me a huge hug the moment he saw me. Oh dear, oh dear, the cave might collapse. I'm sorry, but I can't hug you back with my stature. So, I had to make him kneel. However, no matter how many times I tried talking to him, he wouldn't calm down. He's been left alone for far too long... the poor fella. This forced me to use an ancient technique. Just put up with it a moment. You'll soon have awesome wings and a tail. Then you'll be able to get along with the rest of our family. I'll place you as the captain, so don't be afraid. - From Marni's Journal -
Can be obtained through [Abyss One: The Magnus Main Questline]
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