Where the Dragon Sleeps

BDO Where the Dragon Sleeps
- Description:
The Dragon sleepless for one millennia is quite grumpy. The phenomenal might of the Dragons go hand-in-hand with their affinity for long periods of sleep. So imagine how weak a Dragon that has remained sleepless for one thousand years must be. Thus, Leon was effortlessly able to lull such a Dragon to sleep by drawing from his knowledge of Dragons.  And yet, upon returning with his gear to extract the Dragon's fangs and scales, a rather unbelievable sight lay before his eyes. A pile of incredibly fragile pots had been amassed within the Dragon's own nest. The very antics of the Okjinsini. While he was gone, the Okjinsini had filled pots with snow and offered them up to their favorite Dragon, as they believed the best dreams were dreamt in ice-cold caverns.  'Fools, they be,' thought Leon. The Dragon's body heat alone had melted away all the snow with the pots. The Dragon, sleepless for one millennia, was quite grumpy. Leon did not wish to bet his life on that.
Can be obtained through [Abyss One: The Magnus Main Questline]
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