BDO Wuju
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Wuju, the one in charge of The Magnus It's a type of Black Spirit, but it does not require a host. Its life goal is to stabilize the abyss. When the Shadow Knights built the Shadow Shrine in the outside world, they were trapped within the rift of the Shadow World, locked in a neverending cycle of battle and death. Then, Wuju's consciousness was reawakened due to the appearance of the Blackstar, and it returned to the Magnus, the first abyss, with some warriors from the Shadow Shrine. ‘Until He returns, I'm entrusted with overseeing every inch of it. Any change to the abyss, even the slightest shift, is not permitted. That goes double for anything that would disrupt the Magnus.‘ - Wuju
Can be obtained through [Abyss One: The Magnus Main Questline]
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