Uncertain Future of the Abyss

BDO Uncertain Future of the Abyss
- Description:
Someone had purposely wrecked havoc in the abyss, causing abyssal rifts to start tearing open left and right. Wuju stated that if the pace of these rifts opening wasn't stopped, the same kind of displacement would start occurring in the ‘real‘ world as well. While still invisible to the average person, there was no guarantee what the actual consequences of these rifts would be were they to ever fully open. Seeing how animals with keen senses near such well were suffering from unknown pain, one could only imagine the full extent of such strange phenomena if the rifts were left to their devices. Lastly, Wuju mentioned that if left unchecked, our reality and the abyss would become intertwined, forever entrapping everyone within this space, just like what had occurred in the Shadow Shrine. Being forever frozen in time, Wuju couldn't speculate what kinds of events would await us there, thus leading to the conclusion that restoring peace to the abyss was priority number one.
Can be obtained through [Abyss One: The Magnus Main Questline]
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