BDO Vencheloa
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Sephir's Thornwood Forest Quartermaster, the representative of the largest group among forces who reject Queen Viorencia Odore's seizure of power. Vencheloa is the Quartermaster of Thornwood Forest castle ruins, which was reclaimed by Thornwood Forest's Captain Arienne. She extracts a tiny amount of Turasil's power from the corpses of Fallen Ones, collected by Arienne and her forces each day, injects it first into her own body, then distributes it among her colleagues. She subjected herself in her own experiment to determine how much evil energy, which corrupts O'dyllita's soil, could be absorbed before turning into an addicted Fallen One. She doesn't care even if one day she loses her mind and turns into a Fallen One, and is executed by Arienne.
Sephir Quartermaster
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