BDO Yulagan
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Yulagan was once close friends with the Okjinsini Ord. His friendship stems back to his childhood when he first encountered the Okjinsini after his curiosity got the best of him and he mindlessly followed the jade starlight into the forest. The Okjinsini and the Demibeasts have a silent agreement whereby both parties promise not to trespass into the territory of the other. The boy had unknowingly broken the pact by stepping into the Jade Starlight Forest, which was why, at the time, most Demibeasts thought the boy was as good as dead. This was why it came as a surprise when the Demibeasts discovered that the quivering boy was in fact welcomed by the Okjinsini and safely returned to Eilton. As was somewhat expected of him, Yulagan grew up to become a scholar of the Okjinsini. He is deeply disturbed by the recent strained relations between the Demibeasts and the Okjinsini and firmly believes that something yet unknown is behind the Okjinisini's violent bouts of late.
Okjinsini Researcher
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