BDO Toddro
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Toddro, Eilton's Fish Vendor better known as Toddro the Forlorn, has not won much favor in the marriage market due to his meek and shy personality. He was, however, fortunate enough to be introduced to a lady friend from Duvencrune through his friend Derjeen. The two exchanged letters through trade wagons coming and going between Duvencrune and Eilton and set a date for their first meet. On that day, everyone in Eilton wished Toddro good luck and Toddro eagerly set out to meet his date, dressed in his finest clothes, but only hours in, he returned to Eilton alone with his head dropped and face in despair. The villagers of Eilton were all quick to console Toddro, but to this day, Toddro cannot shake the feeling of being rejected. Every now and then he cries out to himself in a drunken stupor, ‘Is it the smell? Is it really because I reek of fish?‘ Which calls to reason why he still might be alone.
Eilton Fish Vendor
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