BDO Tonga
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Tonga is in charge of repairing armor at Wind Nol's Perch, but sometimes likes to go for walks in the forest for some alone time. When he takes the small path that starts behind his charcoal kiln, he might not return to his shop for at least half the day. As such, customers in need to gear repairs often find themselves in a state of panic when Tonga isn't at his post. When Tonga goes for his walks, he sometimes takes a basket with him which is filled with mushrooms and wild vegetables upon his return. On days like this, everyone will gather at the fire pit by the kiln and enjoy a feast together, for as far as they are concerned, no one makes a better mushroom stew than Tonga does. His stew is so good that, whenever Tonga goes out for a walk, everyone checks to see if he has his basket with him or not.
Wind Nol's Perch Repair Merchant
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