BDO Theus
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Take a trip to the Abandoned Iron Mine and you are likely to encounter two very different types of humans (three if you include the poor wretches doing forced labor at the behest of their Sezec captors). The first are humans who seek information, while the second is a human named Theus. Theus is quite unlike the other Sezecs of the Abandoned Iron Mine. For example, where most Sezecs would greet outsiders with as much hostility as they can physically muster, Theus does so with open arms. There is method to his madness, however, as Theus is responsible for procuring hardworking human slaves at an affordable price. In truth, Theus is a man of little conscience. working alongside the shady Sinatra of Pilgrim's End, they have devised a scheme to lure runaway slaves and debtors into their grasp so that they can be sold into lives of forced labor.
Slave Trader from the Abandoned Iron Mine
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