BDO Trevor
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Trevor, a general goods vendor originally from Duvencrune, is easily frightened. But how did a coward such as he muster up the courage to make the journey from Duvencrune to the new lands he finds himself in now? The answer is for the love he has for Leviola. After hearing that Leviola had volunteered for a new post, Trevor had already packed up his belongings and followed after her without so much as a second thought. In fact, there wasn't even a first thought, Trevor just sprung into action like a moth to a flame without knowing where Leviola was headed nor the dangers that might await there. It's thoughts of those dangers now that keep him wide awake at night! Yet despite his timid nature, Trevor is a courageous romantic who dreams of the day that he and Leviola may return to Duvencrune hand in hand. After all, happiness lies at the end of hardship, doesn't it?...
Black Lake Encampment General Goods Vendor
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