Withering Desert Outlaws

BDO Withering Desert Outlaws
- Description:
Gardaka Bandits terrorized all of Valencia in times of yore. King Imur Nesser decides to wipe out the bandits to put an end to their infamy and the losses of the traders. Marbie, the last commander of Gardaka, lost all of his bouts with the immaculately trained Valencia elite forces of King Imur. Marbie and his men were driven from Ibellab Oasis to Gavinya Cliff. It is said that, before Marbie fought his last battle with Imur, he wrote down all the clues pointing toward the multitudinous treasures of the bandits. and strew the pieces of paper, their numbers large, from a cliff. They are hidden here and there in the vast desert, ingeniously camouflaged by the Ancients.
Can be obtained through [Quest] Gardaka's Treasure