Training of Wilderness #3

BDO Training of Wilderness #3
- Description:
Overwhelmed in the immense energy, I started losing control and getting drained in the labyrinth of energy. I felt split up.. stuck in between the energies old and new. Until… the newly-acquired energy, the spiritual alter ego embodied out of my body. Though I tried to contain the energy, failed to do so over and over. I felt hopeless and defeated under my own energy. And this was when I remembered the promise with my master. We had promised to meet in Goma Naru around this time. I was sure I would receive the answer I need. I was already off to meet my master before dawn. ‘Put my arrogance behind, receive the teachings of the master again. The great master will see right through me and give me a solution.‘ Little did I know… I was never to meet my master again.
Can be obtained through [Quest] Striker Awakening Weapon Quest
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