Travel Journal - Calpheon

BDO Travel Journal - Calpheon
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This is the travel journal of the time you traveled Calpheon with Rulupee. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Florin is THE village of herbal medicine. There was such a diverse range of herbs there. Some of them even gave off an exquisite fragrance. We saw cheerful Shais gathering herbs and making them into medicine. We stopped by Trent after visiting Florin. There were large trees that moved and lumberjacks were hard at work cutting down trees. We were met with a strong fragrance of freshly cut trees there. We were hungry, so we went to Behr next where we were able to get our hands on meat from freshly caught game. Then, we headed to Keplan. The atmosphere was a little gloomy but the miners were diligent at work. We headed next to the Northern Wheat Plantation, a place known for its generosity. I've had many types of beer before, but nothing can be compared to Leight Ale. We headed to the Anti-Troll Fortification next where helped the Calpheon troops fight Trolls. Everybody there were fighting hard to survive. To round off our trip, we watched the military parade in front of Kalis Plaza.
Can be obtained through [Quest] Back to the Daily Routine: The End
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