The Watchers of Adùir #1

BDO The Watchers of Adùir #1
- Description:
Born for a Purpose It was a night when a white moon lighted up the Kamasylvian skies. A young Luthraghon stood in front of the goddess' Sacred Tree, Kamasylve. The Luthraghon stood underneath the moonlight, looking as he if he didn't know what to do. He stood there, feeling the wind against his face. As he looked at the fluttering leaves of Kamasylve, he idly wondered whether the answer he was looking for, the answer about his destiny, was written on one of the leaves. Then, his mind was racing with too many thoughts. The thoughts made the young Luthraghon very confused, and the feeling of confusion felt almost suffocating. He thought about how he was born to protect the roots of Kamasylve. The Luthraghon came to this realm looking to find out more about his greater purpose in life, but everything he had seen so far seemed all too foreign. When he remembered that those who tried to keep his brothers and him locked up in the other realm were his own sisters, he trembled with rage for the first time in his life. He was still lost in his thoughts when he heard a rustle and felt someone else's presence. The figure vanished leaving behind black smoke, but he knew exactly who it was. It was one of his Vedir sisters, the one who tried to stop the Luthraghons from ever leaving Adùir. The Luthraghon dashed through the forest, chasing after the trail of black smoke. Taking a deep breath, he drew his greatbow. The arrow was released with a thundering roar, and as it ripped through the wind it created a gust in its path.
Can be obtained through [Quest] [Archer] Rising Smoke of Darkness
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