The Watchers of Adùir #2

BDO The Watchers of Adùir #2
- Description:
The Luthraghon was confident that his arrow hit the Vedir and started looking for her body. However, the only thing he could find was his arrow. There were no traces of the Vedir to be found. As he pulled out his arrow from the tree, he heard a voice. The Luthraghon quickly turned towards the voice, only to see a powerful spellbound kriegsmesser embedded in the ground. Then, a dark energy erupted from the ground knocking back the Luthraghon, leaving him with excruciating pain. He felt as if his body was being shredded into pieces, but even in such pain, he used all that was left in him to stab the Vedir with the arrow in his hands... In the aftermath of the explosion, the Luthraghon looked around as the dust settled around him, but the Vedir was long gone. He lamented, 'Mother, I am doubtful that I will be able to fulfill the purpose that you have bestowed upon me.' Feeling bitter and resentful, he reached for his fallen arrow, which was now broken. His body felt numb from all his blood loss. It was then that a brilliant light entered his body, and he felt a warmth surrounding his body. Then, he saw a Sylvian Wolf appearing between the trees.
Can be obtained through [Quest] [Archer] Light that Pursues Darkness
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