The Watchers of Adùir #3

BDO The Watchers of Adùir #3
- Description:
The Sylvian Wolf of Ascension The Sylvian Wolf walked up close and paced around the Luthraghon. It was the first time he saw such a wolf, but the wolf felt familiar to him somehow. The Luthraghon soon realized why the wolf felt familiar. He could feel his greatbow resonate as the wolf came closer and closer. As he reached out to the wolf, it let out a long howl and dispersed into light, becoming one with the Luthraghon. Then, he heard a voice. ‘This is my answer to you. Your destiny is in your hands. Walk the path you believe in, and that is how you will fulfill your purpose.‘ Gripping his greatbow, he started walking purposefully, with no hesitation left in him. 'This is the path that I choose to take, so this is my destiny.'
Can be obtained through [Quest] [Archer] Encountering the Power of Light
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