The Young Lion's Secret Pact

BDO The Young Lion's Secret Pact
- Description:
The Serendian soldiers didn't get to excavate Oquilla's Eye simply because they were lucky. There was a reason why the Old Moon Guild allied with Serendia and not Mediah or Valencia, when they all had a great interest in ancient relics. A long time ago, there a secret pact was made between the Old Moon Guild and Grand Chamberlain Jordine, who is also known as the young lion. However, someone seems to have learned about this secret pact. You can guess this from the letter from an unknown source that was recently sent to Jarette Domongatt, the daughter of the Lord of Serendia. ‘The arrogance of the young lion is leading countless people their watery graves. What can you possibly do other than blame him, the one who is responsible for all of this?‘ Maybe the author is unhappy with Serendia's excavation of Oquilla's Eye, and secretly hoping that the Serendians' retreat from the island out of fear?
Can be obtained through [Quest] if you have reached Lv. 50 The Black Spirit is claiming that Velia is hustling and bustling lately. What is that all about?
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