Whereabouts of the Missing Scholar

BDO Whereabouts of the Missing Scholar
- Description:
There is a popular song among the Serendian soldiers who are excavating ancient ruins at Oquilla's Eye. The song is about a scholar called Lechella, who went messing. Lechella is an ancient language scholar brought in by Carpuro, the commander of the Serendian soldiers. Not soon after she arrived on Oquilla's Eye, Lechella started telling everyone that the island native Black Turtle Tribe's interpretations of the inscriptions on ancient monuments were wrong, which obviously offended the natives. In the end, Lechella was taken by the Old Moon Guild's supply officer Sherah Ricki, who reportedly handed her over to Goblin, the head of the Black Turtle Tribe. She seemed to have disappeared from Oquilla's Eye, and it is said a journal believed to belong to her was can be found on a cursed phantom ship.
Can be obtained through [Quest] if you have reached Lv. 50 The Black Spirit is claiming that Velia is hustling and bustling lately. What is that all about?
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