The Truth About Oquilla's Eye

BDO The Truth About Oquilla's Eye
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The Vell Pirates are known as the infamous demons of the sea who butchered the native Black Turtle Tribe and corrupted the goddess Oquilla to release monsters into the Great Ocean Margoria. These are all lies. Who could have possibly known that the voyage that began with curiosity about the legend of Oquilla, the goddess of the Great Ocean, and the two monsters of hers would lead to such tragedy? One day, the pirates saw twelve constellations embroidered together in the night sky during a storm, and they were convinced that the path to the legendary island Oquilla's Eye was written in the stars. After much deliberation, the pirates successfully deciphered the path written in the twelve constellations, and eventually found the island of the legend. What they found there were the two mystical creatures described in the legend, as well as the Black Turtle Tribe, natives on the island. But as fate would have it, this prideful and joyous moment didn't last very long. They realized that they have been followed by the Pirate Union. In the eyes of those pirate scoundrels, the creatures were nothing more than monsters whose bodies were ripe for the harvest for easy money. The Pirate Union even found treasures in the abyss where the monsters dwell. The Pirate Union then started to massacre the Black Turtle tribespeople and even tried to kill one of the two legendary creatures, but the Vell Pirates managed to save one of the creatures' hatchlings and flee thanks to Captain Leanar's heroic actions. Eventually the Vell Pirates, who kept sailing from place to place to keep the hatchling safe, were wiped out near the coast of Calpheon. The hatchling escaped and grew to be the colossal monster Vell. The other pirates spread rumors to frame the Vell Pirates as the evil ones who even deliberately raised an evil monstrosity to set it free and wreak havoc on the world.
Can be obtained through [Quest] if you have reached Lv. 50 The Black Spirit is claiming that Velia is hustling and bustling lately. What is that all about?
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