What is the Old Moon looking for?

BDO What is the Old Moon looking for?
- Description:
The Old Moon guild guided the Serendian Soldiers to Oquilla's Eye to excavate the Ancient Ruins. What is the Old Moon guild looking for in the Ancient Ruins? The guild members would carefully appraise the relics found and every time sort them on the sell pile with great disappointment. They seem to understand the value of the ruins and are looking for something within the text written all around the ruins. An adventurer, who claims to have been kicked out of Oquilla's Eye by the Old Moon guild, says he is sure they are trying to find the way to summon the legendary eye of the moon supposedly sleeping within the depths of Goddess' Abyss.
Can be obtained through [Interaction] Behind Ravikel the wharf manager stands a Goblin peering at the recently excavated ancient relic.
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