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Dim Magic Crystal: Processing

BDO Dim Magic Crystal: Processing

Weight: 0.1 LT

Crystal Group: Dim Magic
Max Transfusable by Group: 2
- Description:
A Black Stone crystal that can be transfused into a crystal socket. - Usage: Transfuse to gain the following effects Processing EXP +3% ※ Transfused crystals have a chance of shattering upon death. ※ This crystal has a high chance of shattering upon death. ※ Press {KeyBind:Attack2} to start transfusion. ※ Crystals can be transfused via the Black Spirit. - How to Obtain: Complete certain Challenge objectives
- Buy Price: 5,000
- Sell Price: 500
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NameProcessing TypeIngredientsProducts
Black Stone Powder
Black Stone Powder