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Refined Magical Black Stone

Refined Magical Black Stone - BDO

Weight: 0 LT

- Description:
A Black Stone with new, magical powers, created by a mysterious merchant guild on a faraway misty island in the distant sea. - Used to perform guaranteed enhancement on Tuvala gear from PRI (I) to TRI (III). Stones required for +15 to PRI (I) gear: 10 Stones required for PRI (I) to DUO (II) gear: 15 Stones required for DUO (II) to TRI (III) gear: 20 - Able to enhance: Tuvala weapons, sub-weapons, awakening weapons, helmet, armor, gloves, shoes - {TextBind:1645005899} ※ How to Obtain: Defeating monsters of Valencia, Kamasylvia, Drieghan, and O'dyllita in the following regions on the season server will net you a decent amount: - Waragon Nest - Cadry Ruins - Protty Cave - Durability will decrease by 20 when you enhance with this stone.
- Buy Price: 1,000,000
- Sell Price: 10,000