Items /[Event] Golden Seal of Panto

[Event] Golden Seal of Panto

[Event] Golden Seal of Panto - BDO

Weight: 0.01 LT

- Description:
Obtain special seals during the event period through completing Challenges. This item is highly coveted among collectors. It was once part of Panto of the Golden Troupe's collection of valuables. Bring the seals to NPC Morco of the Crow Merchant Guild, to exchange them for a special item. NPC Morco can be found in Velia, Calpheon City, Heidel, Altinova, Valencia City, Grána, and Duvencrune. Exchange List: x10: [Event] Shakatu's Luxury Box x1
- Buy Price: 100,000
- Sell Price: 100,000