Items /[Oasis] Dream Chest

[Oasis] Dream Chest

[Oasis] Dream Chest - BDO

Weight: 0.1 LT

- Description:
Press {KeyBind:Attack2} to obtain one of the following according to a set probability: [Event] Gold Bar Box Advice of Valks (+100) Tungrad Necklace Tungrad Belt Tungrad Ring Tungrad Earring Ogre Ring Narc Ear Accessory Eye of the Ruins Ring Valtarra Eclipsed Belt Advice of Valks (35-45) [Event] Golden Bell Blessed Message Scroll (120 min) Advice of Valks (15-25) Premium Elixir Box Black Gem x1-5 Golden Coelacanth Sharp Black Crystal Shard x1-2 Book of Training - Combat (1 Hour) Book of Training - Skill (1 Hour) [Oasis] Fresh Orange Juice [Oasis] Sweet Wild Berry Juice [Oasis] Sour Green Grape Juice Cron Stone Memory Fragment Perform Simple Alchemy in the Processing window to combine an [Oasis] Dream Chest x3 into an [Oasis] Lucky Dream Chest.