Items /[Event] [Guild] Restored Afuaru's Map

[Event] [Guild] Restored Afuaru's Map

[Event] [Guild] Restored Afuaru's Map - BDO

Weight: 0.02 LT

Lifespan: 168:00h

- Description:
A map that marks the location of Afuaru's treasure. The map is a bit unclear but it's clear enough to make out the location of the treasure. 1. You can summon Afuaru's Treasure Chest from a designated location. 2. Since there are multiple designated locations, find the location closest to where you are to summon the treasure chest. 3. All guild members can participate to attack the summoned Afuaru's Treasure Chest. All guild members that participated in the attack will get rewards. 4. Only the guild master or an officer can summon a Afuaru's Treasure Chest. 5. You cannot attack the summoned boss on servers with Node/Conquest Wars in progress. Afuaru's Treasure Chest can be summoned more than one at a time. Afuaru's Treasure Chest will disappear after 30 min regardless of whether it was attacked or not. - Guild Storage Deposit: Guild member or higher - Guild Storage Withdrawal: Guild Officer or higher ※ This item will be deleted if you leave or disband a Guild or a Clan, or if you're no longer a War Hero.