Items /[Event] Magical: Beast's Draught

[Event] Magical: Beast's Draught

BDO [Event] Magical: Beast's Draught

Weight: 1 LT

- Description:
A draught with an offensive function. -Effect: Extra AP Against Monsters +15 Combat EXP +20% Skill EXP +10% Recover +1 per hit Damage from Monsters -10% Critical Hit +3 Weight Limit +100 LT -Duration: 60 min -Cooldown: 10 sec ※ Type: Draught ※ While the draught's effects are active, only the effects of perfumes, Whale Tendon Elixirs, and Tough Whale Tendon Elixirs will be stacked. ※ Only the effects of the last draught used will be applied.
- Buy Price: 1,000,000